Makanda Finance Is Reinventing Finance in South Africa

If you are looking to be a part of fastest growing and stable finance industry in South Africa, we are looking just for you!
Join the league of happy investors who have found a way to make consistent money and contribute to rebuilding the financial situation in South Africa!

Key Investment Benefits

  • Feel secure in your investment, with guaranteed returns at maturity

  • Get 1.2% compound interest per month or 14.4% per annum

  • You will also get access to loans, if you didn't qualify before

  • We will keep you updated every 3 months on your credit record and credit score

  • We'll let you know exactly why you are being declined for loans and credit by other companies

  • We will aslo help you clean up your credit record and increase your credit score

  • Get a copy of your credit record with your credit score upon request


  • You want to lock your investment away at a fixed rate of interest

  • You're seeking guaranteed returns over a fixed term

  • You have at least R50 up to any amount to invest


  • You're seeking the potential of higher returns better than traditional investment methods

  • You'd like to diversify your investment portfolio

  • You have at least R50+ to invest for over a few years

  • You'd like investment updates that keep you up to date with the company's growth

Makanda finance has received investment of R6.5 million & paid back R2.9 million.

How Investment Works

Complete a quick form

Fill in our online application form and submit.

Quick check by our investment consultants

Our investment consultants will process your application and contact you with in 24hrs.

Investment Account Opened

Then you can deposit the investment money into our account or you can let us collect it via Debit Order

You can choose to Invest from R50
Or you can choose to invest a lump sum, which you can choose to top up anytime
Then every month end you will receive updates on the status of your investment account.


At Makanda Finance we take extensive precautions to ensure that your personal information remains confidential. We follow bank-level security protocols to protect your privacy and security.

All data that you trust us with, is considered as highly confidential. Your sensitive data is encrypted and stored within our dedicated 24-hour-maintained servers, protected with firewalls and housed in a secure facility.

Our servers are also equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate technology to ensure the encryption of all the data that you input from our website to our server through the internet network.

Your information is safe with Makanda Finance

Invest with Makanda Finance:

Now you make money work for you when you invest with Makanda Finance. Contact us now for more information.


Why Invest with us?:

Our new investment platform gives you the opportunity to join the league of investors who have found a way to make their money work harder for them, earning better interest than what a Bank will give.

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